Can you collect from my next door neighbour?

Yes.  Actually we can collect your items from anywhere you tell us

Can I drop my items at a local shop?

Yes. But this one needs some planning, whilst we are happy to collect from your local shop or garage we would need to make sure they were happy to offer this service.  We can work together to arrange this, you could ask the shop keeper then let us know, or you could give us their contact details and we will approach them.  If you are a shop keeper and want to offer this service please contact us and we will come and talk to you.

As Drop off locations become available they will be offered on the booking form, simply choose the one you want to use.

Can I have an account?

Yes.  We would encourage all users to create an account for themselves, giving us contact details and usual pick up point, this will make subsequent collections much easier to arrange.  Invoices will be sent to your account contact on a per load basis, less frequent invoicing can be arranged on an individual basis

Can I pay by Credit/Debit Card

Yes.  We accept all forms of payment.  To speed up the delivery we would ask that invoices are settled online prior to delivery but we can accept card payments or cash when we drop your items off.

Is VAT charged on the service

Yes.  Our prices are £6.75 per Kg plus VAT, so the total price is £8.10 per Kg Incl VAT.  Your invoice will clearly show the VAT element of the price you pay.

Our VAT number is 271443415

Do I need to weigh my items before ordering?

No.  We charge £6 per Kg as weighed back at our depot.  You might want to have some idea of the weight of items you have handed over but the invoice will be generated based upon our weigh in.  If you know what you have sent and indicated this on the order, where there is a greater than 10% difference on our scale we will be in touch to resolve the difference. We can also weigh your items when we collect them. Whatever you decide you can be assured that we will weigh accurately and invoice accordingly.

Do I need to bag my items up

No.  As long as you have washed and dried your items we will come with a laundry bag into which all of your items will go.  The bag we use on your first collection will be yours to use again. Your clean ironed items will be returned in new bags and the empty laundry bag returned

Do you collect in evenings and weekends

Yes.  We can collect and return your items up to 8pm, Monday to Friday, 4pm Saturday and Sunday.  Your collection window will be offered when you make a booking, items are returned within 48 Hours

Can I have a regular collection

Yes, of course.  We would be happy to arrange a regular and repeat collection time and date

How will you look after my items

We will treat your items with great care.  They will be secured in an individual bag on collection and will remain so until back at the depot for ironing.  We operate in smoke free and clean conditions, and after ironing they will be either folded or hung up.  Everything will be protected within biodegradable plastic covers or a tissue paper wrapping.  The finished bundle will again be placed within an individual bag for return as soon as possible.

What happens if I think the ironing hasn't been done  well enough

Its is our intention to iron everything as well as possible so any feedback, good or bad is very welcome.  We would be especially keen to hear if you think we haven't done the job well enough.  After contact us we will arrange a visit to review the quality and to discuss where things have gone wrong.  Needless to say we will redo the job as a priority at no cost.  We wont rest until you are a satisfied customer.

Is there a minimum weight/price of an order

No.  Well at least we hope not.  If honest I am sure everyone will agree that collecting one shirt and returning it is neither cost effective for us or time effective for you.  So assuming everyone is being sensible and we are collecting a 'reasonable' amount, we don't want to impose arbitrary minimum amounts.  

What happens if I change my mind.

If you cancel before we collect, there is no problem, we appreciate plans change.  However we would want to avoid any wasted journeys , so if you cancel when we are at your property to collect your items we might need to charge for the trip.  This will be based upon distance and time but will not be more than £6 per order.

Can I recommend your service to my friends and family?

Of course and we would hope that you'll be so pleased with what we do that you are spreading the word with everyone.  

Do you want me to return the hangers?

Yes please.  We will put your items on a nice wire hanger, but when picking them up on subsequent visits just put the hangers in with the laundry and we can reuse them.

How good is the ironing?

Thats a good question.  We are not doing what you could do yourself, using a standard ironing board and steam iron!  We use a professional steam and vacuum table that produces a fantastic finish.  The pressed cloth is 'set' when vacuumed and the finish has to be seen (and felt) to be appreciated.