Why use Pressed Out?

Its a good question.  We would say we offer a professional, quality ironing service at a reasonable rate, we collect and deliver your items and we free up your time for something more fun.

We want to make the process as easy as possible and be as clear about charges as we can.  We charge per Kg and can weigh your items on collection so there are no surprises.  You can book a regular collection, a one off or arrange a nice surprise for someone special. Your items will be returned folded or hung up, wrapped in tissue paper and protected.

We collect and return your items with usually a day between both, where needed we can collect on the same day you book and if really urgent return your items the same day.  

With over fifteen years experience of working within the Ironing, laundry and dry cleaning business, we feel that we know exactly what's needed to meet  customers expectations. We aim to provide a personal service, tailored to each individual customers needs while making sure that the quality we produce is of the highest standards.

With our easy booking system, and quick turn around service , ironing need no longer be a chore, and in todays world, where most people lead very busy lives, one less chore means more time for yourself.

Contact us with questions or to book a collection


01608 484000

07476 469 185 (telephone or send a text if you prefer)